Roderick d'ENTRAC
Murder, sex and money conspire against the West in the underskirts of France
The book, the context, the climate and crisis of corruption today


PARIS NIGHT: A thriller for connaisseurs


In New York, a secret agent running for her life, and in the desert a British agent under torture, reveal a diabolic danger in France.

What do these warnings mean? Can French security be trusted?

             In Paris, the future prime minister of France is found hanged – on his knees!

             Is this an assassination dressed as suicide before he exposed scandals, skeletons and corruption? What did he know? Who gained from silence – traitors at the palace, Islamists in France, Iran, the Russians ... and why?


As the ambitious and the fearful scheme and fight for power, the search for truth by an investigator escaping shame, and a lawyer selling sex, leads to an ‘Armageddon” conspiracy.

           A book within a book, and a thriller around a racing, racy story of high lives, low morals, revenge, redemption and ... love on the run.


          Paris Night reveals the darkness behind facades of the “City of Light”.

          Betrayal and crime at the court of the “Lion president” chart a climate of decadence: the stage for the rise of Macron and revolt in the streets.


         And worse, much worse to come  ...


         The pages turn on a journey to grand boulevards and grand hotels, hidden rooms, cobbled streets, vineyards and glittering yachts as the summer heat spreads fire and lust.