Roderick d'ENTRAC
Murder, sex and money conspire against the West in the underskirts of France
The book, the context, the climate and crisis of corruption today

France, a great country, in great turmoil

The terrorist, moral and economic crisis in France



Paris Night, the thriller, is a looking glass into the other side of how France works, or has worked, for several decades – the Machiavellian land kept hidden from tourists and even journalists.

That the country is in a deep crisis, of terrorism, moral decay, economic decline and revolt against élites there can now be no doubt: President Macron, and his predecessor Hollande say so.

On January 18, 2016, Hollande with one year left of his five-year mandate as president,declared that France, suffering from an inexorable rise of unemployment, was in a state of economic emergency similar to the emergency caused by terrorism.

In December 2018, Macron, responding to rioting by “yellow jackets” venting “middle-class” frustration with the ways of the élites, promised to reform the use (and abuse) of power.